Kelly Kline

Do you like smart girls? This bright-eyed accountant has come to try out the Sybian. She's seen one before and she's even tried it, but she only got a very short time on it. There wasn't enough time for her to appreciate the power of it. Now's her chance! She has a pretty smile and she looks quite innocent, but I have a feeling that this girl is hiding her dirty side! Quickly she realizes that I love teasing my victims and she tells me that she was very close even after less that five minutes on the machine! I have to keep a close eye on this girl so that I am in full control of her orgasms. We negotiate another five minutes in exchange for $100 and Kelly removing her top. Her natural tits are beautiful. I sneak behind and take a look at her ass. Kelly insists that she wants to control the intensity of the vibration, but some things cannot be negotiated. I can tell that she very badly wants to have an orgasm, but I am going to make her earn it! She does make it through another five minutes, so I offer Kelly the chance to stay on the Sybian until she cums, but she has to remove her skirt. I think that this accountant should consider a career as a lawyer because she loves to negotiate! I let her keep her panties on for a little while, and she decides to turn herself around to tease me with her juicy ass. Finally she removes her red, lacy panties, and I promise that I'll finally let her have an orgasm. There are some more nice close-ups of Kelly's delicious ass. I make her beg me to cum and I finally let her. How many times will she cum? I lost count at five, but you can count for yourself.

Date Added: 11/24/2020

Starring: Kelly Kline
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 40 mins

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