Erin Marxxx

Erin's first Sybian experience was not the best, but I feel confident that I can give her a great ride today. Erin is an adult film actress and she loves to deep throat. With regard to male partners, she is particular in her requirements, so not just any guy will do. Today, though, I am the one in control of the scene. I have her under my powers now. I do love to manipulate girls and their pussies, and Erin is now under my Sybian spell. I am making her sweat and before she knows it, I shut off the Sybian. It is not difficult to convince Erin to stay for another five minutes. Erin somehow snuck an orgasm past me and it even surprised her! Now, Erin told me that she does not think that I can make her cum more than once, but she would not be the first girl to be proven wrong on my Sybian! I give her another $100 and she removes her panties for the third part of her ride. Now that there is nothing between her pussy and my Sybian, I am sure that I will coax at least one or two more orgasms out of her eager pussy.

Date Added: 11/23/2020

Starring: Erin Marxxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 33 mins

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