Devon Lee

Let me introduce you to exotic dancer Devon Lee. She is a hot blonde MILF with big, round tits. This girl is single, so she has to take care of herself sexually using her vibrating sex toys. She's all about vibration, so she ought to enjoy her time riding my Sybian. You will quickly see that she is quite possibly the quietest girl I have ever had the pleasure of teasing on my Sybian. Nearly all of the girls that I have shot are screaming to me to let them cum, but not Devon. Seriously, Devon makes nary a peep as I rev the Sybian motor up and down on her clit. Her body is great, and I can see that she'd be a dancer just by looking at her. I keep teasing her, hopeful that she'll let go and scream or moan or something, but she never does. That does not mean that she does not enjoy her ride with me, though. In fact, when she finally does have her very forced orgasm at my talented hands, her pussy juices are dripping out of her. This might be the ideal girl if she is really this quiet all the time! (I kid, I kid!) If you want to watch a sexy blonde MILF come to a quiet but powerful orgasm, then Devon is just the girl for you.

Date Added: 11/20/2020

Starring: Devon Lee
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 30 mins

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