Rachel Roxxx

New porn starlet Rachel Roxxx has a dirty little secret. Her secret is probably not what you might think it is. She is a plushophile. What is that?? It is someone who gets off with stuffed toys (plushies) like teddy bears. She told me that she likes to hump them to get herself off and that she does not use vibrators. Well, I feel that this is a bit of a challenge for me. I'll turn this plushophile into a Sybian-o-phile. When she mounts the Sybian, Rachel immediately has a strongly powerful reaction to it. Throughout the entire shoot I keep thinking about watching sexy Rachel humping a teddy bear, but I must maintain my focus. The point of this shoot is to force Rachel to have an orgasm. I am careful not to let her cum before I am ready for it. By the time I am finished with her, she'll have had a few orgasms from my Sybian with a little help from me.

Date Added: 12/29/2018

Starring: Rachel Roxxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 32 mins

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