Ginger Lea

Looking at Ginger, you might think that she has orgasms all the time. She seems like a hot girl, right? You would never guess that she has only had one orgasm while awake in her 32 years and that one only happened last week!! While she does enjoy masturbating with vibrators, she does not seem to be able to have an orgasm. She does have them while sleeping, but she wants to have one while she is awake. Now I have a mission: MAKE GINGER CUM. It is obvious that she enjoys the sensations of my Sybian vibrating her clit and her pussy, but I want her to enjoy it even more. I try several things with Ginger, including letting her try an insertion attachment, touching her with my hands, and varying the speed of the Sybian's vibrations. What I think finally does it for her is a medium intensity on the Sybian, my hands on her clit, and a very (finally!) relaxed attitude. Ginger finally lets go and an orgasm comes creaming out of her pussy. Not only does she cum, but she also cries because it feels so good! I have never made a girl cry on my Sybian before, but at least these are tears of ecstatic joy! Now that Ginger has finally had an on-camera orgasm, she can move on and start experimenting with her sex toys more. Mission accomplished!

Date Added: 02/14/2020

Starring: Ginger Lea
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 43 mins

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