Rita Marie

Rita answered an ad to try out my Sybian. She is a pretty 22-year-old blond and she loves to play with girls. She has never tried anything like this before, but she is excited to give it a shot. Right away she loves it. After her first five minutes, she is happy to stay. Rita removes her top for her second five minutes and she reveals a nice pair of tits. She has little to say, but you can see by her reactions that she is enjoying her ride. I go around to check out her ass and I see that she has a big, juicy bubble butt. Her hips buck as I change the vibration intensity. She wants more. I can give her more if she’ll take off her skirt and panties, which she does. Now that there is nothing between her pussy and the vibrating Sybian, she really gets into it. Rita moves herself back and forth to the vibrations as she gets herself closer to an orgasm. Before she is allowed to cum, though, I ask her to try an insertion toy. I also give Rita the chance to control the Sybian on her own. After a bit she tries a larger toy and that seems to hit just the right spot as she squeezes out a quiet orgasm.

Date Added: 05/18/2020

Starring: Rita Marie
Running Time: 30 mins

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