Katie Cummings

In my Sybian room today is Katie Cummings, 20 years old. She has never tried the Sybian before. She tells me about her very first one night stand. Katie can cum pretty easily with vibrators, so we should get along pretty well. Almost immediately she tells me that she wants the power turned up high, but she forgets who is in charge today. She makes it through her first five minutes and she is eager to start her second five minutes on they Sybian. Her natural tits are gorgeous and she even has one of her nipples pierced. I can see how frustrated she is growing as I continue to tease her hungry pussy. At the end of the second clip I promise to let her cum as much as she wants to if she will remove the rest of her clothes. Katie complies and then shakes her ass in the camera. It is a perfect ass for face sitting and for spanking. Now that her panties have been removed, it should not be long till she is allowed her first orgasm. Before I let her cum, though, I suggest an insertable attachment and Katie accepts my offer. Before too long Katie has cum several times. In fact, she says that one of her orgasms with my Sybian is the longest one she has ever had. I am glad to be of service! I even give her a few more orgasms just because I am such a nice guy.

Date Added: 07/31/2020

Starring: Katie Cummings
Running Time: 35 mins

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